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    Is Defined Problems

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      Ya know I keep reading and rereading this section of my CF Bible and I am
      just not getting it...

      I am trying to use IS Defined to see if there is a Session.MM_Username out
      there and if not, redirect to a URL using cflocation.

      I have on the very top of the page:

      <cfif NOT IsDefined (Session.MM_Username)>
      <cflocation URL="../index.cfm">

      And it keeps telling me that the 'Element MM_USERNAME is undefined in

      I could have sworn that I am asking if it exists and if not then go the url
      defined in <cflocation>

      Could someone please explain this to me and let me know what I am doing
      wrong and why it doesn't work.

      Wally Kolcz
      Developer / Support