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    PSC6 Black Artifacts converting to RGB & sRGB on Dell


      Hi guys, I recently changed pc and monitor causing a damn problem with those color spaces!

      My monitor is a Dell u2412m and by default it's setted on:



      Now when I open a RAW file with ACR and choose sRGB as color space the result is this:



      As you can see, most of the photo presents black shadows. If I save the file and I open it with windows image it's perfect. Indeed, if I choose ProPhoto for monitor and for the photo the visualization is fine:


      I must change the color space in sRGB or even RGB before save the final image so I really would like to se a real preview of it in photoshop instead of saving it first. So the problem occurs when I save to RGB (less artifacts) and sRGB (lots of artifacts!). I can't understand this because I'm using the same color space as default for my monitor. Any guess?


      The pc configuration is:
      Intel i7 3770

      Ati HD7870 driver Ati 12.11 beta

      RAM 16gb