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    How to use Jquery Address with Adobe Edge Animate

    darsh136 Level 2

      Hey Adobe Team,


      First I want to thank the Adobe Team for the release of Adobe Edge Animate. This is really a GREAT tool !

      I'm a Flash Designer for many years now and I can see that this software will probably be the future for web animation.


      I Have a question and I hope you'll be able to answer me:


      I would like to use the Jquery Address plugin with an Adobe Edge Animate project. When I create a simple website without Edge, I can easily use the Jquery Address plugin and implement it but here I'm a bit disappointed because I'm not really a developer and I don't know how to do.


      Is this possible? if so, how to do it ?


      I find more friendly the fact to be able to use the browser arrow to reresh, navigate previous and next page. Maybe it can be added in a future update of Adobe Edge ?


      Keep up the good work, such tool is amazing !!