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    Areca ARC-1680i-12  - Help

    klfi Level 1

      I am running Win 7 64bit, 64GB RAM,

      Areca ARC-1680i-12 (6TB Raid 0 and 3TB Raid 3 .... all Samsung F1) firmware 1.49 + BPM, Asus P9X79 WS, i7 3930 (OC 4,2), GTX 685 4GB

      POWER Corsair Gold 1200W

      Using 50% PPr CS6 and 50% AE CS6, XDCAM 422 files


      The system was running very stabile without any problems during months . Areca Monitor history did not show any issues.


      Since 2 weeks i got ARECA HW-Monitor (history) messages als following:

      Ctr low Voltage V-1,92...restart with battery pac module.

      Since the problem appears, no hardware components werde installed.


      What does this message mean, where could the bottlenec be, how can i solve the problem.

      Is Areca ARC 1680i "in danger", do i have to grade up and change?


      Pls explain easily, i am not hardware-experianced. 


      thanks for help,

      klfi, Austria

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          As you know I have the exact same card in my old system, but I'm using the firmware version 1.51, not 1.49.


          Here are my voltages on the card:



          What is the voltage you have problems with?

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            klfi Level 1

            Thanks Harm for respons,


            ill try to update firm and check Voltage position.


            Klaus, Ausria

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              Do you have a backup battery installed? If so, removing it could be a useful troubleshooting step. A bad battery could possibly be putting a larger drain on the system than no battery at all.


              Are your CPU and controller temperatures OK?


              Areaca's can run pretty hot (1880's worse than 1680's w/ dedicated fans though) and they will definitely can get flaky if temperatures get too out of hand. I've never seen messages like yours, I'm just trying to help you analyze what has changed with your system.





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                klfi Level 1

                Areca-Drive Set.JPGAreca Raid-Set.JPGAreca HW-Monitor.JPGAreca-Events.JPG


                Thanks Harm and Jim,


                my comments:

                1.  CPU Temp ?,  Noctua -14 is full running. Without stress CPU ASUS TurboEV sais temp is now 39 (3,9 GH), Motherboard 35, CPU-Fan 1218rmp, same time without stress Areca sais CPU temp 82

                2.  When i start, windows7 opens normal. In Start up menu (counting up 20/300) i can see Areca 2 raid-config and 2 pass thrugh config, which seems to be ok.

                3.  Windows 7 opens. After opening a programm or search in Explorer, everything stops and hang up....or i can open Explorer, choose a areca drive or another... and then explorer hang up...only reboot helps.

                4.  When PC ist shut down and i open the case i can hear a sound like clock-ticks every 3 seconds, seeems to come from installed battery pack module.

                5   firmware 1,49, 1.51 is not installed ... i am too afraid now --))


                Following Jims suggestion, can i remove battery pack module without more problems- as the first search-step.

                or any othersuggestions ?



                Klaus, Austria

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                  klfi Level 1

                  UPDATE to Harm and Jim


                  Firm 1.51 is properly installed.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    It looks like the fan on your Areca is either ill-connected or dead. The CPU temp of the Areca controller is way too high. Compare my 58° C to your 80° C and your fan speed indicating 0 RPM's whereas mine gives 2376 RPM. Also check the status of the parity disk on your raid3. The raid is rebuilding, so it had errors.

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                      JEShort01 Level 4



                      Your Areca CPU temp. at 88 deg. C is VERY likely the issue. As I said in my previous comments, I have indeed seen Areca flakyness when they are not cooling properly.


                      It sounds like the tiny fan on the 1680 card has failed or is very clogged.



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                        klfi Level 1

                        To Harm and Jim


                        Rebuilt i understood ... i had this in past 1 or 2 times.... but was solved by itself


                        For further understanding: sorry, i hope not to be stupid

                        Areca CPU means ...the own areca CPU  ...this is not i7-3930 ??

                        Areca Fan means ... the own areca fan ... this is not  it fan ?


                        My Areca board does not have a fan or i can not find the position of the fan. I only have 2 black cooling-boxes.....can i open them ?


                        How to go on, open cooling boxes or renew areca immediately ??



                        Klaus, Austria

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                          klfi Level 1

                          if i have to renew Areca --   1882ix 24  + 4 GB + BPM will be my choice.


                          Which cabe do i need extra. I am not clear which your info on page PPBM 6/7.


                          PS: buy subscripin (google and paypal) dont work ..... at the moment !!??


                          Thanks Klaus

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7



                            Here in the Netherlands the standard cables supplied with the 1882-iX/24 are 6 SFF-8087 to 8087 cables. I had to order 6 multilane forward breakout cables, SFF-8087 to 4 SATA (50-60 cm). Eventually I need a SFF-8088 to 4 SATA as well, but haven't been able to find one yet in length of 1 m.


                            On my 1680 I have a small fan, that is supposed to cool the Areca CPU and it does it with acceptable results as shown by the Areca CPU temp of around 58° C and Areca motherboard temp of 30° C, figures about identical to the 1882-iX/24 in my new system.


                            The required cables are described at the bottom of this page: http://ppbm7.com/index.php/cpu-mobo?showall=&start=2


                            The new site is not yet operational, so the subscription module does not work until all the other functionality is available. You can only sell if you can deliver.

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                              klfi Level 1

                              Thanks Harm,

                              is 1882-iX/24 6GB and PCI- express 3 .. as i understood yes, pls confirm.

                              i tend to contact Webconnexxion..Netherlands....i had good experiance.


                              Does it work with Asus P9X79 WS ?



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                                Harm Millaard Level 7



                                These questions have been answered in the http://ppbm7.com/index.php/intro-part-1 and following pages, but yes, it works on the P9X79 WS and uses PCIe-3.0

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                                  JEShort01 Level 4



                                  Make sure your supplier will get you the PCIe 3.0 version of that card; it has been issued with the same part number as 2.0 and now 3.0. According to Areca's product brochure sheet, the PCB version 3.0 is the one that supports PCIe 3.0.


                                  Regarding your last post, I think that you intended 4GB, not 6GB





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                                    klfi Level 1

                                    To Harm an Jim


                                    Thanks for earlier help.

                                    Areca 1882ix arrived and ist installed fw 1.51. Stress Temp is continiusly CPU 72-75, Controller  47/48

                                    System is running without problems.


                                    Areca monitor shows me often "Time out error" on  some drives.



                                    C: SSD

                                    D-C Clone SSD

                                    Raid5  3x1TB .. continious backup of Raid 0

                                    1. Raid0  5x1TB ...cache, render, Prev, Pagefile

                                    2. Raid0  5x1TB .. Projects, media, others


                                    External backups are done too.


                                    Do you think its time to start to change all Raid - Samsung HDD

                                    Is there a way to check  if ther is anecessarity.



                                    merry christmas and health for 2013


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                                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                      kifi, I in the past have experienced "Time out error" on standard nonRAID rated drives.  When I found this I would swap out drives.  But before installing new drives I would run read and write tests on the indivdual drives and I could spot from the results good candidate drives versus bad candidate drives from my HD Tune Pro testing.


                                      Merry Christmas and a Happy/Healthy New Year to you



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                                        klfi Level 1

                                        Thanks Bill,

                                        Merry Christmas to you, health for 2013.


                                        I am not experianced in interpretate HD Tune. Enclose my results of my Raids........ it seems not to be good....but i dont now.


                                        First Raid5 3x1TB

                                        Second Raid0 5x1TB Cache

                                        Third Raid0 5x1 TB Project, footage, others

                                        Klaus, Austria