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    Are there any differences between 64-bit / 4.7 sdk and 32-bit 4.6 sdk?

    Gaius Coffey Level 2

      I presume the answer is no, but I need to be sure before copying across (and then deleting) the SDKs directory from 4.6.


      EG: I have a 64-bit laptop that I have just upgraded to 4.7 premium and I want to move my entire collection of SDKs across so as to support the range of legacy products I have with different customers.


      Will I encounter any issues or difficulties with simply copying the directory across from C:\programme files (x86)\adobe\adobe flash builder 4.6\sdks to C:\programme files\adobe\adobe flash builder 4.7\sdks ?





      (Ps: I did a file compare using CompareIt (www.grigsoft.com - which is excellent, btw) and the only changes I see are a different line feed character. Not sure why that would be, but it looks like files are otherwise identical?)


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