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    BD pop-up text strangely jagged and aliased

    jeffbottom Level 1



      The text in my pop-up menus has suddenly decided to be aliased and horrible. The problem appears to be font related but no matter what i do I can't resolve it.


      For several year I have been using the same Photoshop template to make my popup menus. They're super simple, bascially just a 'info' screen that floats over the video, no highlights, no real buttons as such. I've always been so impressed with BD's ability to do anti-aliased overlays. But recently it's all gone to s**t. Now when I burn the disc the text in the pop-ups are hideously aliased (almost like an auto generated text highlight from the bad old DVD days). I thought it might be related to the font - Trade Gothic - as I have had issues with it in the past. So I tried redoing the menus with a few of the variants of Trade Gothic I have on the computer with very odd results, one version would work but only if there was some text in another font on the menu. I even went to the extreme of trying to generate different formats (OTF, TTF) in fontographer. I found some odd inconsistancies with unicode numberings but fixing these didn't help either. Every time I'd burn a disc the same whack aliasing !!!


      It's driving me crazy.


      any suggestions or trouble shooting methodologies greatly appreciated.