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    Flash Player failing repeatedly


      I am having problems with Adobe Flash.  I usually use Firefox on my HP with Windows 7.  64 bit  Flash Stopped working so I tired several times to uninstall, using Programs in my Control Panel.  Then reinstalling. 


      It worked for awhile and then stopped.  I moved to Chrome, same thing worked for awhile and then stopped.  Moved to  IE, worked for awhile, yesterday Flash crashed.  It is back up today. 


      The secondary problem I am having is with zoom.  My computer is zooming automatically, on it's own.  Also while I am typing this a one inch square with a circle in it is flashing  on the screen quite a bit!  I don't know if these are related to Flash.  My computer is 1 year old and I have had very few problems.


      I have read some of the info on the discussion board.  Will  get the uninstall and reinstall from the website and plugins for FF and Chrome (which I have never done before)...do I need a special 64 bit download?   Thanks so much Barb.