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    Script to add empty pages

    seb400 Level 1

      MacOS 10.6.8, InDesign CS6, javascript


      Hi - I'm often supplied with pdfs as spreads. From these files I have to create single page pdfs for imposition. I create a new, non facing page document and run 'Mulitpageimporter 2.5' to bring the spread into a page at x+3, y=-3, giving me a correct sequence of odd number pages. I then adjust the 'allow pages to shuffle' option allowing me to drag a new page into position to face the existing page containing the imported pdf spread and export to pdf.


      This is okay for small documents, but I would like help with a script that would add the correct number of pages to the document (total document page number -2) and place them effectively as 'even' numbered pages eg every other page starting at page 2. If it could sort the shuffle option at start it would be good!


      MTIA Steve


      btw: I've now discovered the 'map to pages' option in the 'Mulitpageimporter 2.5' which improves efficiency of above, but again only practical for documents with small number of pages.