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    Warp Stabilizer has no effect! Mystery........

    Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

      Warp Stabilizer: Please: What's happening here? Not working................


      Upgraded to Premiere Pro CS 6 (as I don't have After Effects) specifically in order to stabilize video. Thus far, from my experience, it produces a clip which is much worse than the original after being subject to the analyzing/stabilizing processes!


      How is that possible? It baffles me! Go figure. Hence this post.


      Camcorder is Canon A1s or A1. Format is  HDV/.m2t. Rolling shutter issue?


      The preliminary analyzing process is equal to or even slower than rendering. A 5.5 minute clip takes hours! CS 6 is slow compared to CS 5.5 to begin with.


      I record services in a house of worship. The clip I'll use as an example is one I shot recently of a lady kneeling down and praying. I tried every improved setting that I could think of such as no motion, advanced detailed analysis and the like in addition to the default settings.


      Shot composition: Subject zoomed in on fairly tight with part of a grand piano in the background.


      Since I tend to be a bit of a  perfectionist & my tripod shot somehow moved a slight bit up and down while shooting which created this issue, I wanted to make the movement so it was not so noticeable. It wasn't extreme, just obvious to my trained eye.


      After things were "stabilized/corrected, here was the result:


      The foreground/main object is ok, however anything around or behind that looks like it's footage shot handheld from a rolling deck, on very tumultuous ocean which defeats the purpose. I thought subspace warp was 3d?


      Any suggestions? Is Warp not up to this basic and simple task? Workable alternatives?


      I wish I could upload the clip so everyone could see the before and after.


      Upload size would be considerable. 


      Anyone willing to help me make this work? Actually stabilize it  and then be willing to explain the setings or procedure?


      Image stabilization/correction is a key skill I need going forward. Suggestions please.


      Thanks in advance.