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    Dreamweaver 6 freeze

    Daryl-Hunter Level 1

      Dreamweaver freezes up whenever I mess with the pallet tab groups.  Now I have moved some around and as soon as I succeeded I quit dreamweaver so my workspace will be saved before another freeze.  I also froze merely by clicking on the actions tab when the snippets tab was on top.


      I are running version 10.6.8 mac on a mac pro

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud to the Dreamweaver forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            AllDayDev Adobe Employee

            Sorry to hear, Daryl.


            Does this freezing happen even if you have no documents open in Dreamweaver?


            Has it always happened since you install Dreamweaver CS6, or did the freezing start later on?


            Do you have any extensions installed for Dreamweaver?

            If you're not sure, you can check by going to Help > Manage Extensions.

            If you do have any installed, which ones?

            You might try disabling some or all of them, then restart Dreamweaver to see if that helps.

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              Daryl-Hunter Level 1

              I have just installed it and haven't even opened a document in it yet. I am just trying to arrange my work space. I went to adobe extensions manager and it showed none.


              It just won't let me adjust or use my pallet windows.

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                AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                Definitely odd. Since you just installed it, there would be no loss in manually resetting the preferences for the application.

                See this article for instructions: http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/restore-preferences-dreamweaver-cs4-cs5.html


                After doing so, start up Dreamweaver and see if the problem persists.


                Also, when was the last time you restarted your Mac?

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                  Daryl-Hunter Level 1

                  Restarted, dumped preferences file and it still freezes as soon as I move the snippet panel away from the assets panel.

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                    AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                    Does this happen with and without the Application Frame enabled?
                    It's enabled by default. To disable it, go to the Window menu and click to uncheck Application Frame.



                    When Dreamweaver freezes, what do you do in order to get it back up and running?

                    e.g. Force Quit


                    Do you see any error messages at all?


                    I'm wondering if the Console log might tell us what's going on. To test this out:

                    - Open Dreamweaver, but do not yet move any panels around.

                    - Go to /Applications/Utilities and open the Console application.

                    - On the left of Console, select 'All Messages'.

                    - Click the Clear Display button to clear off what's there.

                    - Try to move around some panels in Dreamweaver. Do so until the freeze occurs like before.

                    - Go back to Console, select everything in the log (CMD+A or Edit > Select All) and then copy it (CMD+C or Edit > Copy). Paste what you copied into your reply.

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                      Daryl-Hunter Level 1

                      I had got rid of the applicatin frame to start with because I hate them but I redocked.  I then went to the widows menu and selected the snippets - no problem, the asset panel came out with the group but then I went to window ----> assets and this made it freeze ---   it seems to be an assets problem.


                      Now cs6 auto loaded all my cs5 websites and maybe it can't digest the assets there ?

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                        Daryl-Hunter Level 1

                        I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it seems to be fine now, it must have lost a bit of info while coming down the dsl pipeline.