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    Has anyone experienced an unintended "find/replace all" in a document (using FM11) ?

    TTVB544 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Using FM11 with Windows7.


      We have a problem with the following:


      If I have completed a Find/Change All in Document A (then close the Find window), then I open Document B and press Control-F to perform a new search, once I start typing the previous word search/change all is applied to Document B when it's not the intention.


      The problem is when Control-F is pressed the last function is highlighted (in this case "Change All") - rather than the word field, so nothing is actually being typed in this field - rather it performs the last function.  The basic work-around is just to make sure we click or tab to the desired field before typing...  OR make sure to delete the previous find/change text fields before closing the window.  When doing things quickly though we may forget - so it gets annoying when we have to fix this or revert to last saved document.


      Users with XP don't experience this. Each time control-F is pressed, the Find term field is the highlight so the new term is typed in as expected.


      Any tips would be welcome. 


      Thank you,