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    Unable to open mxml files since 4.7

    BTL Chris

      Ever since I upgraded to Flash builder 4.7 I have been unable to open mxml files for editing.


      These files in question are in an app that references a lot of other libs in the same project.


      .as files open fine.


      I get no error, it just hangs.


      I only updated today and now am unable to do any work. Anything I can turn off or do to get this thing working?

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          Gaius Coffey Level 2

          I'm seeing this too, but only with specific projects.


          It is very similar to something I saw previously (in FB4.6) where "Design mode" had mysteriously been enabled on controls that design mode quite simply couldn't handle... but FB4.7 isn't supposed to have Design mode.


          However, I can tell you it is restricted to specific MXML files. If you take a note of the files you have open, you can close and restart FB and then do a File - Close All before you do anything else. You can then work through your list to find the problem file and that will at least let you know where the problem is occurring...


          FWIW, I have found FB4.7 works rather well elsewhere (though it _does_ get slow after an hour or two of coding sometimes).


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            Gaius Coffey Level 2

            Actually, can you confirm whether you are using MX components in your problem project?


            The ones I have tried using Spark only seem to work, but the older ones with MX in them are running into problems.


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              Gaius Coffey Level 2

              OK, this is bad, I'm going to submit a bug report.


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                BTL Chris Level 1

                This is indeed bad.


                Here is what little I know.


                This project is large. Its one of our bigger products thats been around for a while. It has been convered to spark by hand. Every component was examined for mx components and changed to spark equivilents. Some mx components remain when needed or alternatives deemed not needed. View stack comes to mind.


                The mxml files ARE viewable when no needed libraries are included.


                In total about 7 libraries are needed to get it working. These contain our overriden versions of most spark components (for skinning and multilingal support). These components may be mxml, but overriden .as, or the other way around... or both I don't fully recall.


                When I include them all it fails. These libs do also refernce each other and its not what you would call neet.


                But simply this worked from Flex 3.5, Flash builder 4, Flash builder 4.6.
                4.7 fails.


                I sadly don't have the time to invest in getting to the bottom of this so I have reverted to 4.6, as have a few of my fellow developers. We lost a few days of work time to peoples eagerness to try out the latest version.


                Annoyingly some of our developers want to try the USB debugging of IOS

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                  Gaius Coffey Level 2


                  I've created a ticket here:



                  Please vote and add your comments.


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                    Gaius Coffey Level 2

                    Yes, I'm going to keep running 4.6 (which I need for two major customers because of the above) and 4.7 (which I need for the other ones, because they are all mobile and somethings just aren't available) on my machine.


                    Not great at all.


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                      Gaius Coffey Level 2

                      Hi Chris,

                      Can I ask you to vote for this; https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-35854 please?

                      It is obviously best for all concerned to get the cause and resolution resolved - maintaining copies of old software is at best a stop-gap solution and Adobe will eventually stop supporting or issuing new licenses for 4.6 as per every other software manufacturer hoping to get people to buy their new software.



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                        BTL Chris Level 1

                        You have my vote. My only option now is to unvote it.


                        Hope this helps


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                          I was having the same problem and was able to create a simple use case for reproducing.  I believe the Flash Builder is getting stuck in an infinite loop when components are structured in a specific way.


                          For my example I created a new application and two components that extend group ParentGroup and ChildGroup.  The ParentGroup and ChildGroup each had a public member variable of type Object and had a [Bindable] metadata tag, name thing1 and thing2 respectively.


                          1. I added a ParentGroup instance to the Application.

                          2. I added a ChildGroup instance as a child element in the ParentGroup and set the thing2 property on the ChildGroup instance to the thing1 property of the ParentGroup.

                          3. I added a ParentGroup instance as a child element in the ChildGroup and set the thing1 property of the ParentGroup instanct to the thing2 property of the ChildGroup.


                          If I closed the project and then reopen it, I can no longer open any MXML files.  As soon as I comment out the setting of the thing1 property in the ChildGroup's ParentGroup instance all is well.


                          Of course in practice this would never make sense, so I actually took it a step further and created a SampleVO object that had an ancestor member variable of type SampleVO.  This simulates a simple parent child relationship.  I updated the Object member variables thing1 and thing2 to be SampleVO objects instead.  I also updated the thing1 attribute that was getting set in ChildGroup's ParentGroup to be thing2.ancestor.  This is a bit more realistic as it is something we actually do in our real project.


                          I am going to attach the FXP to https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-35854




                          EDIT: The Jira system seems to no longer be relevant with the move to Apache Flex.  Here is a link to my sample project: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4584717/MyTest.fxp

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                            Gaius Coffey Level 2


                            Sreenivas Ramaswamay worked with me as a side effect of his getting involved in this: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5000327#5000327


                            He traced it to something and sent me a new compiler which seemed to fix the issue... I haven't subsequently had time to run it in anger on those products, but he simply supplied a replacement for the compiler.


                            There is an email in that thread, so maybe contact him to check?


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                              lakitu41 Level 1

                              Thanks!!  I have reached out to him and hopefully he can hook me up.  Annoying!!

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                                tiefenauer83 Level 1

                                I have found out the cause and a possible solution for my case: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5131645#5131645

                                Root cause is in my case the recursive nesting of custom MXML components of the same type. Avoiding recursive nesting solved the problem in my case. However, if it is not possible to nest custom MXML-Components of the same type, at least the editor shouldn't crash!


                                I hope this helps you guys too...

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                                  The problem is next. During mxml editor initializing it parse mxml file and collects attributes/events/styles/etc for every class, used in mxml code.

                                  In com.adobe.flexbuilder.codemodel.internal.tree.ClassNode there is a method getAncestry which recursively goes over all ancestor classes (super-classes) and collects their data. I don't know the exact reason, but sometimes recursive loop became infinite (getBaseClassDefinition method return this class instead of parent one)

                                  I made some fix in that class https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105667668/codemodelcore.jar (Backup original file and copy it into <Adobe Flash Builder 4.6>/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.codemodel.core_4.6.0.328916)

                                  Decompiled java class https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105667668/ClassNode.java


                                  NOTE: I made fix only for Flash builder 4.6 version and I have no idea would it work on FB 4.7 version.


                                  BTW: I my project it happened randomly on different files. But during some debug of decompiled plugin files I noticed that editor crashes during getAncestry for classes with the same name like its parent. For example on my custom class:

                                  package my.example; {

                                    import spark.components.CheckBox;


                                    public class CheckBox extends spark.components.CheckBox {