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    InDesign Won't Print Centered on Epson


      I have an Epson 4880 which has the special "feature" of having a different margins at the top (1/4 inch, I believe) and bottom (0.56 inch) of the page.  When I try to print to it using the normal letter/tabloid options in the page setup, it shifts the page to fit in the printable area.


      At Epson's suggestion, I have made a custom page definition with 0.56" as a margin all of the way around.  Still, the printed page is off center.  This does not happen when I do the same in Word.  When I print a similarly designed document from Word, the page is centered.


      BTW, I cannot use the "Sheet - Maximum" trick as Epson has, in their "wisdom", disabled printing on high quality matte papers when that option is selected.


      Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?  Here are my specs:


      Mac OS X, 10.8.2

      Indesign CS6, 8.0

      Current Epson printer driver


      In the InDesign driver:

      Custom Paper size: 11x17 with 0.56" margin all the way around

      Page size: 11x17

      Page Position: Centered


      In printer driver

      - Scale to fit paper size is OFF

      - Epson part: Page Setup: Sheet