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    Acrobat X Pro is very buggy


      I was unable to create a digital signature today because the dialog box makes no spaces for passwords, but a signature cannot be created without one. I am new to Acrobat X and am finding it difficult to use for a number of reasons. In addition to the signature problem, which others have reported, my scans work from a single sheet scan, but do not work on a sheet feeder, which is another problem that others are reporting. Instead of fixing and stabilizing this release, Adobe has produced a new revision!  You're losing all credibility and relevance with this set of priorities -- pushing your online services while letting your software sink. I'm a long time user of Acrobat -- have purchased or been furnished institutional copies of Acrobat. But as I find it more and more difficult to use without encountering problems, I'm fast losing interest.

      Windows 7/64

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee



          As far a the missing Password field during the creation of a digital ID (not digital signature, that's what you would create using the digital ID) it's probably related to the display size or screen resolution. what version of Acrobat are you using, what percentage is the display settings set to, and what screen resolution are you using?