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    InDesign auto-size frame feature not working in real time in InCopy why?

    LiottaLexis Level 1

      We have just recently migrated from InCopy CS4 to CS6 to take advantage of the new features like the auto resize frame option, however it now seems that this feature is not working in real-time.


      Basically the steps are needed to be complete before it auto-resizes the frame in InCopy, we use both layout and assignment based workflows:


      1. 1. From an ID document ('doc1'), exported a 'layer' to IC, certain frames are set to auto-size in height using the text frame options. So that editorial can review and make changes to text and the frame should resize according to the specifications set. IC stories are saved to a folder located in a content folder inside the top issue working folder.
      2. 2. Editorial opens the IC software, then opens the ID 'doc1'. Check’s out correct .icml file and makes edits to frame with auto resize.
      3. 3. Frame does not resize according to text frame set options and InCopy file does not respond in same fashion as InDesign.
      4. 4. Change only occurs when InCopy file is closed and updated in InDesign, which is frustrating as this feature would save huge amounts of time serving editorial requests.


      Has anybody experienced this type of workflow problem? If anyone can provide mw with some pointers as to what can I do to get this to update in real time perhaps run a script? Update file in InCopy and refresh I will very much appreciate their assistance. I have run out of ideas.



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          CCC Creative Director Level 1

          Hello Liotta,


          Here at my job we just updated to CS6 and I'm now using "Auto-Size" text boxes too.  I use InDesign and my editors use InCopy.  Just like you've said, I set the auto-size in InDesign and it works just fine, but when the editors type in to the boxes the boxes do not expand.  This is very disappointing.  Come on Adobe, give us a fix for this sooner than later. Liotta's post was 7 months ago.



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            LiottaLexis Level 1

            We've had all sorts of problems with this feature as it should've worked straight out of the box but after some testing we have found that its something to do with the way you open the actual file in InCopy. Which is far from ideal and should have been UAT by Adobe before release.


            This will not work consistently work if you open the designed .indd or .icma file in InCopy using the file open command within the application.


            If you need this to work, the InCopy user has to open the .indd or .icma file by dragging and droping from OS windows explorer into InCopy, we use Windows 7 acrros all the teams. Check out .icml files add text changes to the set auto resized frames, this process will expand/collapse the frames to fit the content but as you have to use the drag and drop method to open the .indd and .icma file, 2 users cannot access the same time doc at the same time (a serious flaw in the programming architecture!) which stops people working in parallel. Save changes, check in .icml content and close .indd or .icma.


            However the flaw comes in if you then open the .indd and .icma file in InCopy using the file open command within the application, before an InDesign user opens and saves the file (updates the design). The corrections added in the previous stage above, will not show the frames expanded/collapsed to take in the added text and instead show over matter???? The only way around this is to ask an InDesign user to open, update and save the design that way the InCopy user will see the same result no matter what file open method they use.


            Another suggestion is to design the page to have some of the auto resize frames anchored within main body of text and that way the frames will expland/collapse when checking out and editing the content. However, this does cause issues with InDesign crashing etc. so we have tried to stop this method within the working group.


            Have you experienced other more serious issues with InDesign crashing consistently when re-importing .icml files? See other forums here:




            As far as we can see this is a major flaw in how the application(s) work, we have an enterprise agreement with Adobe and purchase a large volume of Adobe products globally but so far the technical support team are unable to find a solution to this and I'm not hopeful of any resolution soon even with the new release of Adobe CC.

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              Jojakeem Level 1

              So, the year is 2016 and I currently have the same issues with the latest versions of Indesign and Incopy CC.


              Any updates?