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    JQuery Mobile Theme - works Dreamweaver but not online


      I created a new JQuery Mobile Theme in Fireworks CS6: Commands - JQuery Mobile Theme - Create New Theme. Then exported the theme to a folder where I am designing a new mobile app (Commands - JQuery Mobile Theme - Export Theme).


      I opened index.html in Dreamweaver CS6 and changed <link href="jquery-mobile/jquery.mobile.theme-1.0.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/> to the new *.css file. I used Find / Replace to change all instances of data-theme="e" to data-theme="y". I saved index.html and clicked on Live View where it looked perfect. I used FileZilla to move all of the files to the server hosting my website. But when I view it either in Firefox or on my Samsung phone, index.html doesn't include any of the CSS formatting. (It had worked online with the CSS formatting when I had just manually edited the color codes in a few places in jquery-mobile/jquery.mobile.theme-1.0.min.css)


      If I view index.html as a file on my computer in Firefox, the css works perfectly. But when I upload the contents of the folder to the server hosting my website, it doesn't.


      I'd appreciate any input on what I'm doing wrong.