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    Help me get this expanding menu working right.

      I noticed you can't put attachments here so I'll link my attachment:
      That thread has my attachment with the flash file. I don't think you need to register to download it.

      ANYWAYS! Now on to describing the problem.

      Basically you click the button, it expands outward (later I'll add other buttons when it expands). Then if you click it again it expands back inward.
      Then of course you should be able to do that as many times as you want. However after you've expanded the button once and then clicked it again for it to un-expand you cannot re-expand it. The button doesn't work after that.


      The coding is at n00b level so it shouldn't be too hard.

      (p.s. sorry to cross-question on different forums but I've got to solve this before tonight)
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          First off - if you want serious help- refrain from saying things like n00b. It might fly when you're playing games, but some people frown upon it in the real world. Secondly, cross posting is frowned upon whether you have a deadline or not.

          Follow these steps to fix your problem:

          1. Delete everything you have on the stage
          2. Delete the Action Script layers from your HomeSpin 2 movieclip
          3. Create ONE new layer in HomeSpin2 and label it actions
          4. In frame one of the new Actions layer, create a keyframe and add stop(); to it.
          5. On the main timeline, drag an instance of homespin2 to the stage and give it an instance name of home
          6. Create a new layer on the main timeline, name it actions and add the following code: