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    Is this a CS6 bug?


      Hello everyone,


      I'm having an issue when bringing MXF files into AE from a C500.  First one is that despite the files being C Log, AE sees it as embedded Rec. 709.  Second, the MXF sequence is creating random green or black frames.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks very much.




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          Scotty_Wilcox Level 1

          I had the green and black frame thing when a

          PC Avid exported an MXF

          and then I looked at it on a

          Mac AE.


          Then Mac AE render out as MXF

          PC couldn't open the file

          SOME of the time.


          Hair pulled out.


          Also had an issue with material at 50fps and not with 25fps material off camera.


          Overall, the work around (from patchy memory)

          go to QT anim or QT none render outs form both

          to get material around

          with increased file sizes and more time transfering

          and hence time to eat and this has made me fatter.


          I hope some of this helps.


          Now bald from hair pulling and fat from xfer time.