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    Searching previous folder

    eubean525 Level 1


      Forgive me if this is an issue for Apple Mac but I'm going to ask here, as well, since it involves Illustrator. I have many nested folders pertaining to one job. (All the contents are Illustrator docs. No matter.) When searching for a previous document or a document within the same nested folder, I can't get Illustrator to immediately access the folder I'm working in. In my case, upon a new search, Illustrator resumes the search starting from the main folder that is nesting the folder I need to get to. Isn't there a way to have Illustrator search the folder where I opened a document   previously?


      In the finder, I have the preferences set to search from the Current Folder. I've  tried all three preferences, including Search Previous Scope and Search This Mac. It remains the same.


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          [scott] Level 6

          Uhmm.. Illustrator doesn't really search directories. How are you initiating this search within Illustrator?

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            eubean525 Level 1

            I have 12 documents in a nested folder. I am using "command O" to access any or all of those 12 documents. I am not leaving the program to do it (as in the finder's command F). I am simply accessing and reaccessing the documents through Illustrator's "open" command under the File menu. Despite the fact that I am opening documents from the same folder, each time I want to open one of the 12 documents (in case I've closed them) the search window opens up in the Main folder and I must rifle through the same sequence of nested folders to get back to the same spot (the nested folder with the 12 docs).


            I don't have the same problem when opening PS documents when using Photoshop. That program's Command "O" brings me back to the folder from where I opened my last document.

            Is there a simple preference that will bring me back directly to the folder I am using?


            That's the simplest way I can describe it.


            Thanks again.

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              [scott] Level 6

              Oh that's an issue across the Mac. You might want to check out Default Folder X (http://www.stclairsoft.com/DefaultFolderX/index.html) it allows you to control open/save locations as well as other features. I've been using it for years becuase the Mac OS has been broken in these terms for many itterations.

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                eubean525 Level 1

                     Thanks, I'll pursue that. What ever works, works.




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                  Vernox Level 1

                  Default Folder X is the best solution, though I've found it a bit flaky with Adobe apps in OS 10.7 & 10.8.


                  Anybody remember Boomerang? That was the first of the flyback file system tools, back when Macs still had tan coloured cases.