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    RH10 and Windows 8 Bug with DHTML


      I reported the following bug today:


      Concise problem statement:

      All DHTML effects in WebHelp—with the sole exception of drop-down and expanding hotspots—fail to execute on CLEAN Windows 8 systems (upgraded Windows 8 systems from Windows 7 do not seem to be affected), regardless of default browser.


      Steps to reproduce bug:

        1. Set up any DHTML effect other than drop-down or expanding.
        2. Save topic and click “View Selected Item”.
        3. The following script error is thrown: “Unable to get property ‘alpha’ of undefined or null reference” — the error points to the ehlpdhtm.js file (in my case, line 4233, char 2).


      Results: No DHTML in the WebHelp output execute, with the exception of drop-down and expanding text.


      Expected results: DHTML displays as developed (and yes, "Update DHTML effects in topics" was run). It is important to note that all these effects display as expected when run from a Windows 7 machine.


      I noticed this after being forced to format and reinstall my system drive, on which I'd previously done an in-place upgrade to Windows 8. There was no issue unitl I'd done a clean install of the OS, implying that something carried over from the Windows 7 setup to prevent the error.


      I've tested this against IE10, Firefox, and Chrome with the same results: DHTML effects (such as Fly-in) don't work and, worse, whatever the effect is attached to does not display.


      If anyone else is having this issue, it would be good to report it. If anyone has a possible fix or workaround, I'll be glad to be a test monkey.



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          LeaEdits Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem with Robohelp 9 on Windows 7. My error message says: The value of the property "TextPopupInit is null or undefined, not a Function object"


          I click Yes to the question "Do you want to continue running scripts on this page" and the page previews fine. I open the page in a web browser, and it also works fine.


          Any help greatly appreciated.



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            Flaven Level 1

            Lea, I wouldn't hold my breath on this. As you can see, my original bug report was from a year ago and except for one dubious/mostly ineffective "update", Adobe has provided no solution to this or multiple other issues (including, over a year after it was released, Word 2013 compatibility).


            Typically, Adobe wil issue an upgrade at value added that may address some issues and leave others in the dust. Sorry.