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    How can I get a sound to play more than once using edge commons?

    PEPPERFACE Level 1

      Hi, I'm very new to all this; so apols if asking dumb stuff...


      I've successfully used Edge Commons to get an audio effect to play in a timeline but it will only play once. Does anyone know how I can get it to play again at various trigger points?


      The code I'm using in creationComplete is:



                load: "http://simonwidjaja.github.com/EdgeCommons/live/EdgeCommons-0.7.1.js",
                callback: function() {
                          // Load sound manifest (e.g. in creationComplete)
                          var assetsPath = "media/";
                                    {src: assetsPath + "bubbles.mp3|" + assetsPath + "bubbles.ogg", id: "bubbles"},
                              function(){ EC.info("Sound setup finished", "DEMO"); }

      Then in a trigger on the timeline I have:




      As said, the above plays fine, one time... but if I place another, 'EC.Sound.play("bubbles");' trigger further along on the timeline nothing happens. Similarly, if the audio has played already and the timeline loops, the audio won't play a second time. I'm thinking I need to write in some sort of 'unload' type of thing so it knows to play again when it hits the new trigger? Or I might just be talking cobblers? Who knows? I certainly don't which is why I so desperately need help... please x