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    Multiple HDDs

    oldevhs Level 1

      I've been using PE 10 for about 6 months and am gradually starting to feel familiar with it --after many years using PE 2.


      The PC is a new (March 2012) Dell 8300 Windows 7 Pro SP1; w/core i7, 1.5TB HD SATA, 4GB ram.


      I want to add a 2nd internal HD.  In my search I'm trying to decide between a WD caviar green 2TB SATA drive and a WD caviar black 2TB SATA drive.

      Below are excerpts from a WD comparison chart.



      The caviar black drive is somewhat more expensive than the green, but WD seems to position it for video editing.  I would like to know if anyone has any experience or suggestions regarding choosing the black over the green.  The detailed specs of the two drives seem to be the same; the only difference is a 5 year warranty for the caviar black, vs 2 year for the green.


      Any comments suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Ed.Macke Level 3

          WD will position it for whatever they think people might use it for! They would position it as a great bagel maker, too, if it sold more units


          Personally, I'd go for the Black (or, although you don't mention it, perhaps their Blue line). I recall reading somewhere that that the Green drives made too many sacrafices to make it a contender for video editing usage. Of course, I can't find any references right now, so take that for what it's worth.


          For me, getting the top of the line drive is worth the few extra dollars you might spend on it when you factor in how long you're going to have it and how important the data is you're storing on it. Plus, video editing is one of the more demanding things asked of a hard drive (lots of data needed quickly). Like the old saying "you can't be too rich or too thin", your drive can't be big enough or fast enough so go for the best you can afford. You don't want to skimp on hard drives with video editing.


          For my setup, I have a couple of Black drives for my video storage and Blue drives for everything else. Not a Green to be found. Also, be aware that even within the green/blue/black, there are different abilities - for example, a Black drive can have either SATA 3.0 or SATA 6.0 speed and 32 or 64MB cache.


          Good luck!


          ETA: Your graphics aren't coming through for me, but a WD comparison chart can be found here: http://products.wdc.com/library/matrix/eng/2178-771112.pdf

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Ed's choice of the Caviar Black. Not sure about the latest "green" WD HDD's, but when they were first being sold, many video editors had major issues with them. The Black HDD's still get very high marks.


            Good luck,



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              oldevhs Level 1


              Thanks for your responses I hadn't really considered the 'Blue' seems to top out at 1TB.  I was leaning toward the 2TB Black (64MB cache) and you both confirmed my decision.


              In my older (about 9 yrs) XP Pro system (with PE 2) the 2nd drive I used was a WD caviar (before the color scheme) and it has served well for video editing. 


              As an aside, I have been successfully using 2 Caviar Green drives in a RAID-1 config in a NAS drive for several years.  The NAS drive is being used as a backup drive for active/current video projects.


              Thanks for your comments/suggestions.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't use any Green drives (3 WD's in my computer, 2 WD's in my wife's computer)


                As I remember from a previous discussion (always a risk, with my aging memory) Green drives have 2 issues


                1st is they spin at 5400 instead of 7200 so the data transfer is not fast enough for effective video editing (this may only be SOME green drives)


                2nd is that a green drive goes into power saving sleep mode if it is not used, which requires time to "wake up" for use

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  John T.,


                  My memory mirrors yours, and on both accounts.



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                    Ed.Macke Level 3

                    Thanks for your responses I hadn't really considered the 'Blue' seems to top out at 1TB.  I was leaning toward the 2TB Black (64MB cache) and you both confirmed my decision.


                    Oops, sorry, I missed the part where you said you were looking for a 2TB.


                    Yes, for reasons I don't understand, the Blue line does seem to max out at 1TB.

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                      oldevhs Level 1

                      Some addition 'fyi' research shows that the 'green' drives are not 5400 rpm, per se; rather they employ a WD "IntelliPower" process that allows the drive to speed-up slow-down (based on data process) and/or sleep to conserve power. 


                      For what its worth, by virtue of the computer's settings, I do not allow the drives in my desktop machines to sleep and have never had a problem --at least with PE-- regarding disk access time.  On the other hand, I do allow my NAS to let the drives sleep since my NAS is only used on demand (by me) to archive or access backup data.  (I do allow our laptops to let the drives sleep after 1/2 hour of inactivity -to conserve battery.


                      Thanks again for all of your comments and input.