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    Promising color correction tool from Technicolor

    needles27 Level 3

      I'm not associated with Technicolor, but thought this would be interesting to the group:


      There is a new plug-in for CS6 that looks very cool.  It seems like it occupies the space that the Magic Bullet Looks goes after, but it has a very slick way of making a virtual dynamic link with the Premiere timeline.




      I have done some limited testing with the demo (which does not allow for the non-destructive linking) and it is quite promising.  You can apply some good presets, and then do your tweaking...having curves adjustments, real-time scopes and a keyer are pretty pro features.  It doesn't go as far as Colorista - no secondaries for example - but the workflow looks super smooth.


      Check out the video on the page for a quick demo.  Could fill a good place in the color workflow.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Very interesting.  Thanks for the heads up.

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            needles27 Level 3

            I bought the full product and have access to the roundtrip workflow...and I've messed around with it for a few days.


            My first impressions are that it is a really great tool.  It is fast, powerful, and the roundtripping works beautifully.  I especially love having access to 9 looks that you build in the app right in Pr that you can click on and off.  And even though I am getting a red bar, I can play back in real-time at full res...even on H.264 footage.  Never been able to do that with Colorista.


            The few drawbacks are that you miss some of the useful color correction tools like Secondaries - no ability to create vignettes or power windows - and there is no output to a production monitor to do a precise grade until you switch back to Premiere.  There are built in scopes, so at least that can be a guide.


            I think it fits a good niche in certain workflows...maybe usful when you don't need to do a time consuming, precise grade with either Colorista, Resolve or SpeedGrade...and still gets you a long way to a beautiful image.