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    Best approach to a form/data problem

    jdhughen Level 1

      I'm working with CS5.5. I have a website for a softball organization, 4 teams. 2 of the upper level teams (16u and 18u) have a "player profile" page for each player which contains info and stats for prospective colleges and recruiters. Each profile page also has a couple of still images and a video file. Currently these individual pages are updated and maintained by hand.  What I would like to do is create a page that a "player or parent" can login to and have their unique profile (just the text, not the pictures or video) displayed in a "form" that they can edit/update/save and have those changes reflected in their profile page on the website. Currently I keep all this info in table form in an excel file. There are only between 12-16 player profiles per team. What what I need to be able to do is - first display the text info in the player profile page dynamicaly. Then to edit/update the info - Populate a "form" with the current profile data - allow the user to change that data - save the changes to the data.


      1st question is would it be better to use data in an XML file or a MySQL database ?  I have some experience dealing with XML but am new to MySQL.


      2nd given the answer to the above, can you point me to some tuts that could get me started in the right direction.