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    Flash Mx to Flash8

      I have designed slideshows and content in Flash Mx that use a code for preloaders from a book called Flash MX Magic. I am now using Flash 8, and have copied the code directly into new projects, and the preloader doesn't work. I'm wondering if there are differences between the two that would make the original code useless?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          make sure all your variables are initialized: flash 6 would assign allow an undefined variable that's incremented to start at zero. flash 8 doesn't allow that. incrementing an undefined variable yields an undefined variable.

          also, flash 8 is much less forgiving of typos: myVar is not the same as myvar.
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            Note that those differences are with regard to what you publish for .. if
            its Flash Player 7 or later then you get the changes in how undefined values
            behave and in upper/lower case.