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    Adobe Digital Editions - CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED no permission to copy the book


      I keep getting this message when I try to transfer a book from ADE to my Sony PRS-350 ereader. This is an Overdrive book from the library and should have the relevant DRM on it.


      - Both my ereader and computer are authorised with the same Adobe ID

      - I have tried deuthorising and reauthorising both

      - I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Digital Editions

      - When I plug my ereader into the computer and try to view my book on screen it gives me the error message 'No record for this loan is found on this machine'

      - I have also tried deleting the Adobe Digital Editions file in my ereader


      Nothing has worked at all.


      Is there a known issue with ADE?


      Thank you.