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    lossless codec not so lossless???

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      so i know one of the major boo-boos of video editing, edit from editing source footage, not delivery source footage... but this one i could not resist. this is mainly an archival project for myself, so its just something i'm doing for me. there was some guy who posted HOURS and years of footage of bands i loved in the early to mid 90s performing, on youtube, and i was like "i have got to snag this crap" so i downloaded all of teh FLVs from his channel, and so i have about 10 years worth of all the bands i wish i had recorded but never had a camcorder when i saw them.


      so now to put them to dvd... the source footage is FLV at about 1mbps. premiere won't even touch FLV so i have to convert them to AVI. the converter i had, i did not like how it was converting to DV-avi (they are 640x480, and it was stretching), so i decided to convert to lossless avi, and then convert to DV-avi in AME to save space. her is a side by side of source and the lossless.... (the codec is BGR555) what is the deal? notice the shadows? the darkers? how is that lossless? is there a better codec i should be going to? the converter had 4 uncompressed avis, i tried all 4 and they all looed the same.... anyone have any better solutions to convert flv to avi without the watery look?



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          You CANNOT use software players or computer monitors to judge the quality of your video, including Premiere Pro's built-in monitors.  None of these are designed for accurate display of the video signal.  You MUST watch the image on a properly calibrated TV for quality control.

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            Jim Simon wrote:





            don't sigh at me, mr!


            i understand one cannot judge color on a screen, i'm not. i'm more or less commenting on the pixelness of the image in teh darker areas and the shadows. i burned a test disc of the FLV straight to dvd, and the converted avi to dvd as well, the FLV to dvd is a far superior image. the avi is almost like watching a cartoon. the image is just very... wet and glossy. where as the FLV has definition and detail. (i could just burn it to DVD and call it done, but them i wont be able to make my own menus, but have to go with THAT programs default menus. that will be last resort) i'll try to convert to quicktine to see if that fixes anything. just didnt know if anyone may know of an app or something to get FLVs to a better quality. it would just be nice to kind of be able to preserve this stuff because this is pretty much... my youth. from someone else's perspective.

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              hmmmmm if i use AVI wrapper with MjPEG codec it comes out better, but i didnt want to have to have it re-compress it. hmmmm...


              now here is something i have always wondered....


              if i take a, say, mpeg2 vid at 5mbps, and re-encode it to mpeg2 at 10mbps, is there still a technical quality 'hit'??? because i can't notice anything myself (which is usually all that matters) but i'm just curious here, technically speaking.