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    Why does my Premiere CS6 forget rendering?

    klp29 Level 1

      We've been using Premiere since 5.0 - then 5.5 and now 6.0 - and recently, we've noticed that our projects forgets the rendering every time they're re-loaded.


      If I open a project, render the timeline and saves, it's not rendered when opening the project again.


      I'm 100% sure that this was not the case in 5.0 and 5.5


      Also, it seems like the project recreates peak files every time we open - again, 100% not the case earlier on.


      Here's our setup:


      OS: Mountain Lion 10.8.2

      Computer: MacPro

      CS: Premiere pro 6.0.2

      Project settings => scratch: video and audio is same as project and video/audio previews are on an internal disk for itself.

      Preferences => media: Media cache files and media cache database are on an internal disk for itself.



      Can someone please tell us if we can fix this - if it's a bug or if we're simply not operating cs6 the right way?