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    Does the Bone tool work with strokes created using the pencil or line tools?


      I have a working bone rig in a document(CS4) that I created using a SINGLE pencil stroke, and applying the armature to it.  Object drawing was off and it was a single piece with no part being a  symbol.  This was accomplished TWICE for two stick figure arms.


      However, when I tried the same thing in a new document, I couldn't apply bone to the pencil stroke or the line stroke.  After going back into the earlier document(where it was still functional) I tried creating a new armature using the exact same technique.  But this time Flash wouldn't allow it.


      Having failed every additional attempt, I'm wondering if Flash may have glitched somehow the first time, allowing this to work when, typically, it doesn't.  Or could I have possibly missed a step somewhere that caused it to fail each attempt at a recreation.