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    Location of *ATN files


      In Expert Editor mode the 'Effects' button brings up three further buttons - Filters, Styles and Effects - but these do nothing. I have attempted to 'Load Effects' which brings up an 'Actions' folder but there are no apparent *ATN files to load. Similarly, in 'Create Slideshow', the 'Extras' button brings up three buttons; - Graphics, Text and Audio. Whilst Text and Audio work, Graphics does nothing. Following 'Technical Support' to iron out previous Organiser problems, files were moved about, resulting in lost workspace *SWF files, whic I located and put in correct place so I am guessing files relating to Graphics and Effects have similarly been put into wrong place. Would a re-install solve anything or would it 'zap' previously edited files, catalog etc??

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          Gerry90847 Level 1

          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\11.0\Locale\En_us\Workflow Panels\Modules takes me to the 'missing' files - I cannot see these repeated in any of the various other PSE 11 locations on my computer - what 'link' is missing that prevents them being called into the main Editor programme??

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The graphics, effects panels etc. can be selected from the Window menu. Do you have them all checked?

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              Gerry90847 Level 1

              All work when checked except 'Effects' which brings up the side pane with three headings/buttons showing filters,styles and effects - pressing these does nothing.

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                Are you able to use the dropdown menu below those three tabs? Does anything happen if you choose Show All?

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                  neeraj chaudhary Adobe Employee



                  If your workflow files are missing , then certainly you would install re-install the application


                  Inside Effects panel there are 3 tabs -

                  Filters- shows filters in the presets form.

                  Styles- contains layer styles in the various category.

                  Effects - contains some actions (.atn)


                  Please wait some time after clicking on switching between these 3 tabs . It may possible due to slow computer performance.

                  Load effects (.atn) only available when you have selected the effects tab.

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                    Gerry90847 Level 1

                    Jon - No drop-downs appear when I try to open the tabs / show all.

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                      Gerry90847 Level 1

                      Thank you Bridge-Maestro - Have now tried this and waited but no reponse to the panel switches unfortunately. I have tried loading Effects *ATN files from the 'Module' folder I have found as described above but this has not done anything either. Thank you for your help.

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                        99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                        You may need to uninstall via the control panel/uninstaller and then re-install from your disk or download package. But first try re-setting the prefs as it will do no harm and may fix things.


                        The editor saved prefs often get corrupted. This is because PSE saves your settings each time you close the application. Problems can sometimes occur if you don’t let the program close properly or if you launch another application too quickly whilst closing down Elements. You may need to rebuild the editor preferences to resolve any conflicts.


                        To begin, close Elements.

                        Hold down the Ctrl+Shift+Alt keys and simultaneously click on the Edit button on the welcome screen. Release the three keys and look behind the welcome screen by closing it. Or hold down the keys whilst clicking on the desktop icon for the Editor or PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe in the Programs folder. Keep holding down all three keys until you get the settings option.


                        You should see a pop up box with the words: Delete Adobe Photoshop Elements Settings File?

                        Click on Yes

                        Then wait whilst Elements rebuilds the preferences.

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                          Gerry90847 Level 1

                          Thank you Jon - I have deactivated, uninstalled and reinstalled and all working now. I have screens etc now that I had not seen before so it looks like a bad initial install. MANY THANKS TO YOU AND ALL WHO HAVE HELPED ME. Hopefully I can use the software now without further glitches, Regards, Gerry

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                            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Glad to help.