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    Iphoto "Revert to Original"


      I am using Iphoto with PSE11 but when I save the edited (JPG) image it will not let me revert to the original image. If I select the saved photo with Iphoto it will only let me re-edit it with an external editor (PSE11). This works fine but I can't "Revert to Original" in PSE11. If I try to re-edit it with Iphoto which has the "Revert to Original" button I get the message "Photo edited in an external editor so can't be edited in Iphoto. Duplicate photo to edit in Iphoto". If I do this I still cannot get back to the original unedited picture.


      There is an obvious way to get round this by duplicating the original image before doing any external editor editing but there must be an automatic way which I am missing.


      Help will be appreciated.

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          Revert to Original in Organizer, lets you bring back your original file and delete the version-set files. The images that you imported from iPhoto into the Organizer, are duplicated for the Organizer catalog and hence there are two sets of same images, that you are working on.


          Are you using PSE as external editor in iPhoto?




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            99jon ACP/MVP


            Have you set up the PSE11 editor application as the external editor in iPhoto preferences?


            If not how did you get the duplicate photo from Elements into the iPhoto library?

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              KeithArran Community Member

              I am using PSE as my external editor but I am not using Organizer. I am using Iphoto as my photo organizing tool as it integrates well with other Mac applications. Revert to Original was in Iphoto.



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                Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

                Does this happen with all files or only this one? Does it  happen with tiff files? If you set Preview as external editor, can you revert a file edited there?

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                  99jon ACP/MVP


                  If you set up the preference settings in iPhoto as shown in the attached link it should work.

                  But you must also change your preferences in PSE11 by going to:


                  Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor >> Preferences >> Saving Files


                  Change the top dropdown menu to read: On first save “Save Over Current File”


                  You should be able to edit in iPhoto by double clicking a thumbnail or edit in Elements using Cmd+Click (or choose Edit in External editor)


                  The important thing to remember is after you finish editing in Elements to use Cmd+S (or File >> Save) and then the iPhoto library copy will get updated. If you use Filke >> Save As then you create a new file and iPhoto will know nothing about it.


                  There may be occasions when you need to use File >> Save As e.g. for saving a PSD file with layer but in such circumstances it’s best to save it to the desktop and then import it into iPhoto.





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                    KeithArran Community Member

                    I have already set up PSE11 as the external editor in the Iphoto preference and things work well except for not being able to get back to my original image. Once I have edited with PSE11, Iphoto will only let me edit it again with the external editor so I can't revert to original.



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                      99jon ACP/MVP


                      I’m not a Mac expert but had always assumed that revert to original related to your library copy and not an elements version.

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                        KeithArran Community Member

                        I have tried with several different file and it always happens. When I used Preview as the external editor it still happened. Iphoto gave the same message. "Image cannot be edited. Duplicate to edit"


                        I have not tried a tiff file yet. I'm worried about using "Save As" and damaging my Iphoto catalog



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                          Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

                          If it happens with other programs, like Preview, then the problem is in your iphoto and not the external editing programs. FWIW, it works fine for me with any external editor. Latest iPhoto, 10.7.5.


                          I have not tried a tiff file yet. I'm worried about using "Save As" and damaging my Iphoto catalog

                          Not following this. I mean create a tiff file, import it to iphoto, then edit externally.