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    Fail to install 13.0.2 update (HiDPI) for Photoshop CS6


      Hello everyone,


      I have been experiencing problems installing the update 13.0.2 for Photoshop CS6 on my Macbook pro retina. I was waiting for this update for quite a long time, since photoshop looked all blurry and pixelated on the retina display (At retina scaling). First of all I would like to thank adobe for making this update, I really believe it's taking the whole experience to a next level. So, Thank you Adobe .


      Here's my problem :


      First, When trying to update with Adobe Application Manager, it says that everything is up to date. I keep refreshing but nothing comes up ...


      So i downloaded the update from here :




      And when I try to install it I get this :

      photoshop fail.jpg


      PS : I did the 13.0.1 update and i worked fine.


      Can anyone help please ?


      Thank you !