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    Nothing shows in sidekick inspite of the design selection

    EbodaWill Level 1

      Additional update-  If the same page, I view it in preview and revert back to authoring mode, sidekick gets populated. So preview does the trick of sidekick population but not on all the templates. For few, the sidekick stays empty all times but parsys has the component list from design.




           I have a template which has usual header/footer/leftnav embedded in it. In the body of the template there are two components. First is embedded global headline component and next is a parsys component. I go in design and identify the components that will be part of parsys and save it. There are two things happening here.


      1. No matter what I do, sidekick doesnot populate at all and is always empty.


      2. If I directly go to the parsys and righclick on new, another popup comes that lists all the selected component identified in the design. So I can create the content directly from parsys but not from sidekick.


      Why is sidekick empty? How can that be fixed? I have attached the code.


      <%@ include file="/apps/homesite/components/global.jsp" %>

        <cq:includeClientLib categories="820subNav"/>

      <section id="content" class="container_12 clearfix">

                <aside id="leftSubNav" class="twoCol">

                            <cq:include path="leftnav" resourceType="homesite/components/leftnav"/>


                <div id="content-wrapper" class="tenCol">

              <div id="subIndustry" class="mainPadding">

                <cq:include path="globalheadline" resourceType="/apps/homesite/components/globalheadline"/>

                <cq:include path="subindustries" resourceType="/apps/homesite/components/parsys"/>

                <%--For this section of content created in parsys, sidekick will have video and multiple lists with no links --%>




      <cq:include path="collateralcarousal" resourceType="/apps/homesite/components/insights/collateralcarousel"/>