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    How can I make an E-Book using InDesign?

    Bob20441 Level 1

      I initally assembled an ebook using Microsoft Word and uploaded the file to BookBaby along with the cover design as a separate image file. The E-book is a relatively simply layout, 100 color cartoons and a text "forward" on first page. However, BookBaby said NOT....I needed to resend the book in a "fixed format". Thus my decision to use InDesign. However, since I've never used InDesign for any work like this I am curious if anyone can help or at the very least, recommend decent links at how I could initially begin to restructure my entire book? As mentioned, it's a relatively simple layout from an asthetics standpoint - - 100 separate cartoons in full color that are 700 pixels wide in JPEG format. Then the "forward" and that full color cover with text already in the image for embedding as the cover design.


      Any insights, thoughts, feedback and / or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.