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    Why no min/max height?

    mrblix Level 1

      Since I've started creating responsive content with Edge, once thing has really bugged me - and that's the omission of a Min H and Max H alongside Min W and Max W. I've been told it's not necessary as height can be constrained to width, but I still find myself needing it.


      Two scenarios I've frequently come across:


      • An object is set to 100% width. When a window is resized to a landscape orientation, I want an object's maximum width dictated by it's height to prevent it taking up too much space in the layout. For example, in portrait layout it may be W100%, H10% - turn that to landscape and it might become W100%, H60% if I've constrained the proportions. I want to be able to cap it at say H30%, so after a certain point it's just the width that changes and not the height.


      • I have a series of square images nested within a horizontal scrollable div. I want these images to stay in proportion but always fill to H100% of the container div, regardless of its shape (portrait, landscape). It seems to simple but I just can't make it work without a min/max H functionality.


      Can anyone explain why this feature is missing?