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    Excel updates


      Hi Everyone,


      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to do the following.


      I have an excel spreadsheet with data in column A to J, row 10, K 1 to T, row 10, U to Z, row 10. I have turned on link to spreadsheet in InDesign CS6. I can get the spreadsheet into Indesign by choosing A1:J10 and placing on page 1. I then bring in K1:T10 and place it on page 2, etc. If the data in the cells change in the spreadsheet, it updates in InDesign no problem.


      What I cannot get it to do is if a new column is added between A and J columns in Excel, for example, update in InDesign to show the new column and show the extra column at the end.


      Is there a way, I can extend the cell reference again once the spreadsheet is in InDesign to show the new data? so if I have choose A1:J10 first can I extend it to display the new range A1:K10?


      Hope this makes sense