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    13.0.2 update / layer comps refresh issue

    el Fakir



      FYI, I'm experiencing strange layer comps behaviors since Photoshop 13.0.2 update, on an existing .psd file. If some comps are correctly rendered, some others are not refreshed: layers visibility is not updated, workspace seems to be frozen, using for instance the magnifier tool to zoom in/out renders a completely white workspace, and moving then my mouse pointer above it only refreshes its lower half part (a little bit more actually). Moreover, Photoshop CPU consumption becomes quite high as long as I stay on such composition (around 50% CPU instead of 2% compared to working comps).


      I've tried to disable GPU from Photoshop preferences, but it didn't fix the issue. Machine is a mid-2010 17" MBP w/ i7@2.66. No problem with the same .psd file before upgrading to 13.0.2.