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    Radial Gradients within individual editable characters?


      Is it possible to have an "editable" line of text in InDesign where each character has a radial gradient fill of its own, instead of the radial gradient consuming the entire line of text?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think it depens on what you mean. I can apply a differnt gradient to each character in a line of text, but the gradient always seems to be applied as if it is coverint the entire frame, so that if I apply the same gradient in differnt lines the text takes on different values depending on how close or far it is from the center of the frame.


          Frankly I think this is a bug, and I'm pretty sure I reported it a couple of years ago, but if you agree it won't hurt to report it again, though perhaps requsting a feature would be more likely to get a change. Same form: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form