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    Freezes on one frame in viewer, canvas. Still able to scrub audio. "serious problem has occurred"


      This problem happens to me ALL the time. It's random and sometimes worse than other times. Often I can work for an hour with no problems, sometimes I can only get about 5 minutes of work done before it happens. It happens a lot when I open a larger file in the browser. So what happens is that I'll be editing, doing very simple things, trimming, moving clips around in the timeline, etc. when the frame will freeze in the viewer, and the canvas. I can still move the scrubber back and forth, sometimes even able to still hear the audio but I can't open any other files from the browser or move past the frame it's stuck on. When I go to quite Premiere it won't let me forcing me to force quit. Then it says, "a serious problem has occurred" and I usually have to make a new copy of the project file the next time I open it up. This problem is absolutely killing my productivity. please help!!


      Working on an Imac

      2.7 GHz intel core i5

      12 gb 1333mhz ddr3

      Most recent OS updates installed