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    Suggestions for drag-resizing images and not having wraps resize?


      Issue: I like to resize placed images manually — the 'ol drag by the corner method.


      I've experimented with Prefs > General set to 'Apply to Content' vs 'Adjust Scaling Percentage' and find that I'm forced to make a choice between seeing scaling % update while I'm drag-resizing but having text wraps resize too, or not seeing scale % update and having text wraps unaffected by the scaling.


      Problem is that ID 5 doesn't adjust the scaling % while you drag, unless you set Prefs > General to 'Adjust Scaling Percentage.' This will allow you to drag-resize images by dragging the Frame container, but any text wraps you have on that frame will resize as well.


      When Prefs > General set to 'Apply to Content' you can resize the image by dragging the Frame container, but it's not reflecting the scale of the image, just the frame container, but dragging the image container will not display the scale of the image while you're dragging. Plus you then have to go back and fit the frame to the new image size (or use Fit Frame to Content to do it)


      Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to resize images by dragging while watching the scale % increase or decrease, but not have it resize the text wrap?


      Scaling the Frame container works if I just figure an image at 60% scale can be scaled to 140% when dragging it's Frame that started at 100% — but seems there must be a better way.


      Thanks for any input.