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    Best way to create and use a text template

    TVPOA Chan3

      We would like to use a text file created in an older version of Prem. We have been using this to generate a name text to overlay on videos.

      We used to open the an existing name, edit it and do a Save As to save and apply the new name file. Somehow we cant find the way to do this in 11.


      Is it possible to add this to the list of templates that show up when you click on the Titles & Text on the Action Bar?


      Thanks for any Help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, you have posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum, where few will see it. I will move this thread to the main PrE Forum for you.


          Also, unfortunately, Adobe has removed the ability to Save a Title as a Template (both in PrE & PrPro), and I found that very handy.


          Now, the best workflow that I have found is to create the "template" Title in Photoshop, Save_As a PSD, then Import that into the Premiere Project. The downside of that workflow is that one cannot edit the Title in Premiere, as one could with a Title Template. The editing needs to be done back in Photoshop, where it is easy, but with several additional steps, so long as one did the Save_As with the Layers intact.


          I have filed a Feature Request for this capability to be added back in Premire Pro, and will do so for PrE too, though as PrE is part of the Photoshop "family," the Feature Requests are not as easy to do, as with PrPro.


          Good luck,



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            TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

            Thanks for your response, it was helpful.


            In my studies however I discovered another feature that makes life even easier.


            Pr11 will save in the curent project any edits that are made on a Text item on the timeline.

            So as long as you don't anticipate using the modified version again you dont even need to rename & Save the edit but it will still be available in the project.


            This brought up another path, where I generated a "Blank Background" for the words and saved that a text file that can be included in all projects and used wherever along the time line.


            I will attach a JPG example.

            Blank Title Bar.jpg

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that things are working for you.


              The Titler is a bit less that intuitive, for some functions, and then there are the changes made to it.


              As soon as I get my PrE 11, and have time to explore it, compared to earlier versions, I think that it might be time to do a PrE Titler article, to explain some of the workings of the Titler sub-app, in detail. Your method will definitely be part of that article.


              Thanks for reporting what worked for you, and good luck,