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    AE 5.5 Project Won't Render Fields

      Hey guys, having an odd issue with AE 5.5 that I cannot seem to get straightened out. Typically, I take in an Avid DNxHD 220mbit 1080i60 Quicktime export into AE, Interpret Footage to be 29.97, Upper Field First and check off preserve quality, do my comping, export with the setting separate fields Upper Field First and it goes back in the Avid seamlessly. Done this on TONS of shots with no issues. I have one comp where for some reason it only wants to render progressive, I see it rendering U and L but L is just a repeat of U, not actually interlaced. I can open the same footage in the same AE project and step through the fields and see that it is interpolating correctly. It's the same type of QT I always get, no effects being used that I don't normally (Warp Stabilizer and a few shape objects is all in this one), etc, etc. Anyone ever have that issue or know of some random thing you can do in AE to cause this? I've checked that everything is interpolated correctly, the comp is 29.97 and everything I can think of. Thanks for any suggestions.
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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Double-check the export from Avid: any field order issues?

          Double-check the clip's codec: different than normal?

          Double-check AE settings: anything out of the ordinary?


          Any new hardware or drivers?


          SOMETHING'S got to be different to mess up just a single clip....

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            evilschultz Level 1

            I've double checked all of this just now again. In the same project if I just drop the main source clip in a comp and render it, comes out fine. It's just this one comp in the project with the issue. I'm on a MacBook Pro Retina and no udpdates have been done recently.


            Also I just did another shot for the client, same workflow and it worked fine. I'm wondering if adding shape layers to the comp is the issue? Maybe they cannot interpolate?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Shape layers are definitely not the culprit. If at all, this is probably a problem caused by multiple settings and effects. also it could simply be an issue with a temporal effect you use - anything from time stretch to Timewarp. you may simply have used unfavorable values there that quantize the interpolated output to the same field, which you do not see while working in AE since it doesn't do fields in the comp.