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    Announcing the Edge Code Preview Update

    ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

      We've released an updated preview of Edge Code that incorporates a number of new features as well as community contributions. It's available to download at https://creative.adobe.com/apps. Some of the highlights of this release include:


      - Enhanced Live Preview Support: Auto-reload in the browser when saving HTML content, local server support for Live Preview, and a Live Highlight mode that will highlight matching HTML elements in the browser when in a CSS document.

      - Overall UI: New status bar, resizeable JSLint panel, and saved window positions

      - HTML Code Hinting: Get code hinting on HTML tags and attributes

      - Files and Folder Enhancements: Added commands and features like rename, new folder, and show in tree. Reorder the working set with drag and drop.


      For a full list of changes check out the release notes.


      Thanks to everyone who contributed, submitted bugs, and gave feedback.