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    easy way to import lots of AE comps?

    cfg_2451 Level 2

      I've got a client who went motion lower third crazy. Nearly 100 (but it's an hour long class, so it looks "reasonable" to do this). I've dutifully built them in AE cs6.


      My problem is in importing them all into PPro cs6. My normal path is to use the Media Browser to select the AE project, then "File...Import from Media Browser". This in turn gives me a pop up window that makes me select "comps" then it gives me the list of comps in the AE project. I can select just one, then it imports that one. I can't find a way to import them all as a group. Or even more than one at a time.


      There's bound to be a way. I can't be the first person to want to do this. So... how can I import all these lower thirds at one time, rather than one by one?