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    Workflow in Coldfusion?

    Lucky_Kitty Level 1
      I've been tasked with creating/implementing a workflow program that will allow multiple users to approve/deny/edits documents as part of an elaborate workflow system. I hear alot about Sharepoint from Microsoft, but I'm more intersted in a ColdFusion solution. Any ideas or suggestions?
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          Jeff_Self Level 1
          Sharepoint? Yuck. You need to either look at a Content Management System or a Document Management System. I know of two CMS's in ColdFusion: FarCry (open source) and CommonSpot. But you may need more of a Document Management System. I know of no product in ColdFusion for that. I can recommend two products for this based on what I've researched:

          Alfresco (Java based, commercial open source)

          and KnowledgeTree (LAMP based, commercial open source)