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    New Laptop for Premiere+PS elements 11 + LR4


      I just bought the Photoshop/Premiere elements 11 suite together with lightroom 4. I was running them in trial mode and really liked them so I bought the software. As I understand it right, the activation key allows 2 activations. The software is installed on my desktop pc and now I'm searching for  a new laptop.


      I was looking for an ultrabook but they almost all have only 4 Gb of memory. So i want a machine with at least 8gb ram and if possible a 256 Gb SSD.

      Which laptop would you advise which runs the software fine?


      Second, I also looked at the Macbook pro 13 inch Retina but I've found a review of a guy which says, it's to slow to run this kind of software fast and fine. I'm not a professional photographer but is the interview right? (The apple's are so expensive....)


      I've never worked with a mac so this would be my first one....

      Should I stick to a windows 7 laptop?


      Is there a major difference advantage for this software running on a specific operating system? (Windows or Mac)?