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    12/11/2012 - AIR 3.5 Runtime and SDK Update

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Today, the AIR 3.5 Runtimes and SDK's were updated to address stability and performance issues, in particular the following problems have been addressed:


      • Video playback broken on Digital Theater AIR app (3364478)
      • Wrong layering/depth of video component after re-activating app on Nexus 7 (3356240)
      • Mac AIR not enforcing output protection when switching/dragging from internal to external monitor (3366931)


      New Feature: 

      We have added a new Android-specific xml element <containsVideo> in the application.xml. If an app uses Video, then the app is expected to add <containsVideo>true</containsVideo> in the application.xml as an indication to the runtime. This is necessary to maintain correct ordering of video with other Flash content across different Android OS versions.


      AIR Runtime for Windows

      AIR Runtime for Macintosh


      AIR SDK for Windows

      AIR SDK for Macintosh


      For full details on the 3.5 release, please see our release notes.