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    does having more cpu cores &/or more cuda enabled gpu's really improve speed


      I asked this type of question before, no one really had a definitive answer that i was looking for.


      and i think it was too complex for those that answered were able to comprehend.


      I ask that only people with first hand knowledge & or know of a reputable site that, has some information that can help me, and no one that says oh you don't need that or you "probly wont get much improvement"



      I create 2D painting's like some of the art you seen on Photoshop



      and i remember reading, when you are rendering with a gpu you don't get as much color and rending accuracy as you do when rendering with a cpu, and it is challenging to find information pertaining to this.




      I want to get a 128 core computer / workstation type pc and


      want to get a 4 cuda enabled cards or more (more on this later)


      I want to get the cuda cards, not sure if its tesla or gtx if im getting yet

      and since i read the the gpu is not as accurte as the cpu is when rendering photo's


      is this true for the gpu on Photoshop doing 2D painting?


      is there a setting that i can choose to only render 100% color with the gpu even if its not rendering as fast as other wise


      if not i'd like to know if getting a high core count such as 64-128 will make rendering my 2D painting faster than lets say a 6 or 12 non-h/t cpu


      and i mean proportionally speed up as 48 core is 4x (400%) faster than 12 core |w/o H/T and a 128 core aprox 10x faster than a 12 core cpu?


      or would i get a limited speed up.


      rending lag/ long render times kind of kills my mood / joy / excitement / stoked-ness for the project :\





      Remember i only want people to answer if they know what I'm talking about and


      i would prefer them to have first hand experience or at least know some factual and not- anecdotal information / their theory.




      I want to know since i dont like waiting for my 2D painting to render since i work on 12,000 x 6,000 resolution photo's and it can take abit longer to render than i'd like.





      does anyone know if cs5 does any rendering over muti-able systems to improve render time such as i have 4 monster systems and i render across all of them, maybe sending information of each change the photo and render only a partial render and then send it to my main system and put it together? for  2d painting of course.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Photoshop does not use CUDA but Mercury Graphics Acceleration.


          As for the rest believe the knowledgeable people have already debunked your theory.

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            Master_Lord_Rahl Level 1

            i mean cuda as in Photoshop is gpu enabled,


            i read that when using the gpu color is not as accurate. as when using only cpu rendering than using the

            Mercury Graphics Acceleration.


            how is that  theory.


            i cant help it that all of you are retarded (those that think oh its a theory)


            when all im asking do i get any performance gains with having more available processors.


            and its not a theory, im simply asking is there any speed, up when getting more cores, beyond 12.



            how may i ask is it a theory when it is a question.


            im not saying well theoretically blah blah blah, i suck dick ... blah... lol all i am is seeking the answers to my questions so i can move on


            and plan and narrow and accurately gauge my future purchase's acordingly.


            once someone gives an accurate answer with proof, and not just saying, "nah man theres no speed up or oh yeah i think man its only 5% each time you double your core count b/s" man its not faster


            but it'll make one hella pizza with devilitry magical toppings that give an amazing terror pleasureable awesome dreams


            which the likes cant even compair to ("Diablo 3 cinematics and wow uber voxel / unreal 4 / future awesome / ati voxel demo that look damn near identical to real life in 2008 that they were working,  mind bending awesomeness")             TASTEing pizza



            instead of fact's

            lol i have alot of fun. even with/-/out said etheroic, "said" "alledged graphical" tasting pizza,

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              Level 7

              CUDA is a specific technology on NVidia cards.

              It is not the same thing as GPU enabled, by a long shot.


              GPUs can get the same color accuracy as the CPU, but there are problems in a few GPU shaders (and drivers) that can cause reduced accuracy or bugs/artifacts.


              For more CPU cores: only a few things that are compute bound will really benefit like raytracing, Radial Blur, median, etc.  Things that are RAM bandwidth bound (or close to it) won't see any benefit from additional cores.

              More cores is always a matter of diminishing returns.


              More video cards won't really help Photoshop -- Photoshop can only use one GPU at a time. Multi-GPU setups aren't designed for Photoshop-like usage, only for game-like usage.  The GPU vendors are going to improve that, it just isn't here yet.

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                Master_Lord_Rahl Level 1

                Thank you for your kind and well thought out & coherently structured msg, that is well laid and thought out, concise and to the point


                i know it's not possible to use sli, in Photoshop, i did read while sli doesn't work.


                i read some people said if you have them in you computer and NOT in sli then you can use them, more than 1, such as i mention cuda, i mean parallel. not in sli,


                "Multi-GPU setups aren't designed for Photoshop-like usage" thats why i was ask, do you know if the tesla cards would make much difference?


                do you know if i can use amd gpu's?


                and do you know when that diminishing starts. for intel or amd opteron cpu's?




                are there any other image manipulation programs that do use alot of cores or are better gpu supported?


                Thank you very, your information helps

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                  Level 7

                  AMD and NVidia GPUs work about the same in Photoshop -- the only issues are the quality of the drivers.


                  Intel GPUs -- I wouldn't bother, they have many driver issues and are still underpowered.

                  Intel is trying to catch up, but has not done so yet.


                  After Effects, Premiere, and SpeedGrade use GPUs quite extensively.  AE and Premiere do tend to do better with NVidia GPUs.