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    getting html attribute instead of node...

    tamak1234 Level 1

      Im using httpservice to dynamically load  xml from a podcasts' rss feed and am playing the podcast episode from a node named GUID that is a simple mp3 URL... it worked fine, but now the rss has changed so that the mp3 url isnt in a NODE but rather is an attribute within a Node...


      eg: <GUID theurl="http://....mp3">


      my code currently uses the following variable assignment for the url:  var mp3url:String = data.guid; 


      how do i retrieve the attribute 'theurl' (using the eg code above) for the variable string?   I tried data.guid[@theurl] but didnt work.


      thanks for any help you all can provide on this.


      Im  using FB 4.6 on a mac book pro