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    One Pixel Borders Print Fine But Only Display At Magnification


      I've looked around at some other posts on image borders and haven't seen any posts about image borders that print fine but do not predictably display in the PDF. For example, I add one-pixel borders to PNG images I create in SnagIt. I then use FrameMaker (8 and 11) to generate PDFs. When I view the PDFs in Acrobat Standard or Adobe Reader, the various sides of the rectangular border appear differently (some missing, some fat, some thin) until I magnify way over 100 %.


      My document reviewers are routinely telling me I've neglected to add the 1 px border to every side if the images, but they are there--just only visible when the document is printed or when it's enlarged on the screen.


      Are there any tricks for getting Adobe Acrobat/Reader to display these 1 px borders consistenly on screen? I should mention that this is also the case if I generate PDFs from MadCap Flare.