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    One Pixel Borders Print Fine But Only Display At Magnification

    rhetoric201 Level 1

      I've looked around at some other posts on image borders and haven't seen any posts about image borders that print fine but do not predictably display in the PDF. For example, I add one-pixel borders to PNG images I create in SnagIt. I then use FrameMaker (8 and 11) to generate PDFs. When I view the PDFs in Acrobat Standard or Adobe Reader, the various sides of the rectangular border appear differently (some missing, some fat, some thin) until I magnify way over 100 %.


      My document reviewers are routinely telling me I've neglected to add the 1 px border to every side if the images, but they are there--just only visible when the document is printed or when it's enlarged on the screen.


      Are there any tricks for getting Adobe Acrobat/Reader to display these 1 px borders consistenly on screen? I should mention that this is also the case if I generate PDFs from MadCap Flare.